Providing a superior education in the 21st century requires ongoing commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of engaging students in critical and creative thinking.

KCA Dallas Experience

At KCA Dallas, we believe that every child is created on purpose for a purpose. We incorporate rigorous academics together with a Kingdom worldview to give our students the tools necessary to impact the culture. Our core curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking skills and is designed to exceed state and national standards.
Our educational approach incorporates seven developmental pathways:


KCA Dallas offers rigorous academics, 21st century learning experiences, student enrichment activities, competitive sports and Bible integration to empower students to reach their highest potential in life.

Daily course work includes:
We teach intentionally

Our teachers are committed Christian believers who are highly trained professionals that use best practices in the latest educational research. Instruction at KCA Dallas is balanced between hands-on learning and group participation. Our instruction emphasizes critical thinking and real-world learning experiences.

academic profile

At KCA Dallas, our students test results exceed state and national averages. We use nationally normed assessment tests to track and measure our students’ achievement. We adapt our teaching style to the needs of our students.

Standardized Testing

We maintain accountability and measure student performance by using the following standardized tests:

STAR Renaissance Math (Grades K - 5)

The STAR Renaissance Math test allows us to view students' math achievement toward state, district and school benchmarks. The assessment tracks growth within the current school year to identify where students are and to determine what they need.

The following four areas are reviewed and assessed:
• Numbers & Operations
• Algebra
• Geometry & Measurement
• Data Analysis, Statistics & Probability

STAR Renaissance Reading (Grades K - 5)

The STAR Renaissance Reading test measures students’ comprehension, monitors achievement and growth, and tracks skills that are aligned to state learning standards.

The following areas are reviewed and assessed:
• Word Knowledge & Skills
• Comprehension Strategies & Constructing Meaning
• Analyzing Literary Text
• Understanding the Author’s Craft
• Analyzing Arguments
• Evaluating Text

STAR Early Literacy (Grades K - 5)

The STAR Early Literacy assessment measures students’ vocabulary, phonics, language, and numeracy skills, and monitors achievement and growth. The exam tracks understanding of literacy concepts aligned to state learning standards.

TERRANOVA 3 (Grades K - 5)

The TerraNova exam measures achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, vocabulary, spelling and Bible.

Primary Test of Cognitive Skills (Grades K - 1)

The assessment is a cognitive abilities test that assists teachers in discovering their students’ needs and determines the special needs. The test can be used to identify gifted students as well as students who have learning disabilities or developmental delays.

The four cognitive skills tests evaluate the following:
• Verbal
• Spatial
• Memory
• Concepts Skills

InVIEW (Grades 2 - 5)

The InView cognitive abilities test measures a student’s ability to use information and apply it in new and different ways. The assessment evaluates how students analyze and apply higher-order thinking skills that are needed to learn and succeed in school.

The following areas are evaluated:
• Verbal
• Reasoning
• Sequencing
• Analogies
• Quantitative Reasoning

National Assessment of Education Program (NAEP) (Grade 8)

The NAEP is the only assessment that measures what US students know and can do in various subjects across the nation. It provides important information about how students are performing academically across the country.

Students are tested over the following areas:
• Mathematics
• Reading
• Science
• Writing
• Arts
• Civics
• Geography
• Economics
• US History
• Technology & Engineering Literacy

grades & awards


90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
0-69 = F

Honor Rolls and Awards
Head of School High Honors:

All "A"s in core classes (Bible, Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies)

Dean’s List:

Overall "A" average in core classes and no grade below 80

Eagle Excellence:

Overall "B" average in core classes and no grade below 70