Flourish at KCA Dallas

Our Fine Arts program is built directly into the curriculum and is designed for students to explore and develop their artistic skills and talents. Students from early childhood to grade 5 are placed in fine arts classes to learn the basics of reading music, learning rhythm and embracing creativity.

Music Rhapsody (18 Months - 4 Years)

At the developmental age of 18 months, our early childhood students are introduced to music through listening and learn to distinguish sounds and instruments. Group participation is incorporated through dance and interactive musical games.

Young Prodigies (Grades K - 3)

Our elementary school students begin to learn the fundamental elements of music, dance and musical instruments. Our professional instructors encourage exploration and hands-on learning by introducing the following instruments:


Performance Groups (Grades 4 – 5)

With the preparation of Music Rhapsody and Young Prodigies, students smoothly transition to the performance groups where they are given the opportunity to select their ensemble of choice. Students become proficient in reading music and participate in live performances.

Ensembles include:
  • Choir
  • Color Guard
  • Strings (violin, viola, cello)
  • Band (flute, trumpet, saxophone)

Fine Arts Institute

The Fine Arts Institute is an enrichment program that provides hands-on instruction in small group settings. Students deepen their understanding of the arts with exposure to advanced training and additional small group practice.

The Fine Arts Institute is open to current KCA Dallas students and non-KCA students’ ages 3 years to grade 12 for an additional fee.

We believe that creativity originates from God and the purpose of all creative expression is to glorify Him. The Fine Arts Institute provides the necessary skills training and hands-on experiences that promote self-expression and creativity to fully express student talents.


Early Childhood Ballet

(3 - 4 YEARS)​



KCA Dance

(GRADES K - 3)

KCA Dance & Ballet Fundamentals

(GRADES 4 - 5)

Instrumental Classes


Violin, Viola, Cello


(3 YEARS - GRADE 12)


(GRADES K - 12)
Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba


(3 - 4 YEARS)

Percussion + KCA Drumline

(GRADES K - 12)


(3 years – 8 Grade)

Instrumental Classes


(3 YEARS – 8 GRADE)​


(3 YEARS – 8 GRADE)​
Ukulele, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello


(3 YEARS – 8 GRADE)​


(1 – 8 GRADE)
Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone


(K – 8 GRADE)​

Visual Arts

Art Technique

(3 YEARS – 8 GRADE)​

Advanced Art Technique

(K – 8 GRADE)​


(3 YEARS – 8 GRADE)​

Enrolled Fellowship Collegiate Academy Students

KCA Dallas students can enroll in the program by completing the following steps:

  1. Register online on Sycamore.
  2. Once the application is processed, the applicant will receive an email with a secure link to pay the registration fee and the monthly tuition online.
  3. Payment can be made via the Smart Tuition management program.
Non-Kingdom Collegiate Academies Students

Non-KCA students can enroll in the Fine Arts Institute by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete the Fine Arts Registration Form.
  2. Once the form is received, the applicant will receive an email with a secure link to pay the registration fee and the monthly tuition online.
  3. Payment can be submitted via PayPal.

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